Printed Lapel Pins

Printed lapel badges are great for designs that have a lot of detail and gradient colours. We recommend our customers order printed badges when you want to translate your design exactly as is onto the pin. Printed lapel pins allow for a colourful badge with no metal lines required to separate the colours.

Manufacturing printed lapel pins is also quick and very cost effective. With it’s accuracy, durability and low price tag, it’s a favourite among businesses. Use these pins to promote your brand or logo as souvenirs, promotional items and giveaways.

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How we make printed lapel pins:

We print the design directly onto the metal and cut it to shape. Next we coat the pin with epoxy for added protection and shine. Then we finish off the pins with one of our many attachment options. Finally we package the pins in poly bags, velvet bags, gift boxes or even attach them to cards.

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