Hard Enamel Badges

There is no substitute for the classic look of hard-fired enamel. This ancient Chinese technique, developed over 6,000 years ago, produces a jewellery quality pin that’s very durable with a high perceived value. Due to high amounts of polishing, hard enamel badges have a brilliant lustre and smoothness. We custom make tooling for every design, so your pins are unique and truly one of a kind. To further customise your enamel badges, we can match the enamel to any coated Pantone colour.

Hard enamel lapel pins are not only our highest quality badges, but also our most popular. These long-lasting badges are perfect for important events and are sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees them. Find out how easy it is to promote your brand with enamel badges.

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How we make hard enamel badges:

A unique handmade die strikes your design into a piece of brass. Next we polish and plate the pins after cutting away any excess metal. Then we inject liquid enamel into the recessed areas so they are level with the metal ridges. Baking hard enamel pins at very high temperatures, dries and strengthens the enamel paint. We finish off the pins with one of our many attachment options once the enamel has dried. Finally we package the pins in poly bags, velvet bags, gift boxes or even attach them to cards.

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