Die Struck Pins

Die struck badges provide the classic look of an all metal pin. Our die struck pins are clean, high quality and show a high degree of detail. The die struck process uses the contrast between raised and recessed metal to showcase your design. We give the recessed areas of the pin different finishes for added contrast. Besides textures and finishes, we have a wide variety of metal plating colours to choose from. Our lapel pins can also have coloured stones added to signify different years of service or other recognitions.

Die struck pins have a look of sophistication and are perfect for many events and occasions. Whether you’re looking for service or recognition awards, a tool to promote your brand or turning a great design into a collectable, you’ll see why so many businesses choose lapel pins.

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How do we make die struck pins:

A unique handmade die strikes your design into a piece of brass. Next we polish and plate the pins after cutting away any excess metal. Then we add any special finishes and decorations to the pin. We finish off the pins with one of our many attachment options once the enamel has dried. Finally we package the pins in poly bags, velvet bags, gift boxes or even attach them to cards.

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